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Short Summer Courses 2021

Enriching, interactive classes led by expert educators

21 June - 9 July 2021

Spend 3 weeks learning something new,
and develop your knowledge & skills!

Short Summer Courses 2021

Receive tuition from our expert lecturers who specialise in delivering fully immersive and interactive classes, join classmates from around the world via Digital Campus, or study at our Polska campus (programme dependent).

We offer 4 courses to anyone, regardless of age, experience and location.

The fee for each short course is 12,000 CZK (or equivalent in your currency).

First day of Summer School: 21 June 2021
Summer School Award Ceremony: 9 July 2021

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Studio Painting

Take an innovative online studio painting course designed for students who are interested in learning a variety of tools, techniques, materials and processes involved in contemporary painting. No previous experience is required!

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Studio Painting

Website Design & Development

Are you curious about technology, code and design and wish to understand the technical aspects of modern front-end web development? This step-by-step course leads you through the processes required to make beautiful, animated websites and requires no special IT skills or software.

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Ethics, Morality and Society

How does one navigate and deal with discrimination, responsibility, trust, manipulation and integrity in their professional life? This course explores and discusses issues and ethical complexities that may be encountered and the various perspectives that can be taken, giving student's a deeper insight and understanding of importance of moral and ethical responsibility within the workplace.

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Quantitative Analysis Using Spreadsheets

The use of spreadsheets like MS Excel and/or Google Sheets is paramount in business applications and the understanding and use of such tools is a vital skill for jobs that analyse data for strategic planning, business information and analytics. This  course introduces the essential tools and standards used for analysis and presentation of data including quantitative analysis.

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