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Media Scrapbook

20 Feb 2019

Prague College Student Lamija Čehajić earns Vojo Dimitrijević Award

"I was surprised that I was the first person to receive this newly-created prize. I am very excited and grateful and understand the weight of this award" Read more at www.oslobodjenje.ba/ (Bosnian Language only)

20 Jun 2018

Art and Design students at first Prague Maker Faire

A group of Prague College students of MA Fine Art and MA Future Design will be exhibiting at the inaugural Prague Maker Faire on 23 and 24 June 2018. Read more at Red Bull (Czech language only)

24 May 2018

Prague College lecturer features in Design series

Our lecturer, the designer Marketa Musilova, has been featured in a series of photoessays on  'How Designers Live'  in the news website Lidovky.cz (Czech only)
22 May 2018

Prague College Design in the news

Prague College's success as a centre for Design is shown in this article from the Czech-language site CzechDesign, which features our alumnus Jan Rosicky and our lecturer Petr Knobloch. Read more (Czech only)
21 Dec 2017

Partnership with Czech National Trust

The recently-formed Czech National Trust, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of heritage throughout the Czech Republic, has recently partnered with Prague College. Read more (Czech only)
06 Jul 2017

Prague College first university with foreign accreditation registered by Czech Ministry of Education

Prague College is the first university with foreign accreditation to be officially registered by the Czech Ministry of Education for all our Bachelor's and Master's degrees. This means that Czech citizens and permanent residents who attend Prague College have access to all normal social and health benefits for students under Czech law. www.novinky.cz (Czech Language)

27 Jun 2017

Media and graphic design students feature on Radio Prague

Congratulations to our students Oleksandra Horobiienko (who came up with the anti-stress campaign) and Lena Fix (who reported on the project for Czech radio) Click here for the feature
28 Apr 2017

Anglická škola v Praze uspořádala veletrh práce

Prague College, soukromá pražská vysoká škola s výukou v angličtině, uspořádala v dubnu již třetí ročník veletrhu pracovních příležitostí Job Fair. Přednášek a prezentací se zúčastnilo více než 150 studentů. (CZ only)
06 Apr 2017

Students feature in design lecturer's blog

Designers have power to change. To change our minds, opinions and judgement. Do they also have the power to change people's behaviour? Visit our lecturer Helena Jakoube's blog to find the answer!
27 Feb 2017

A Syrian refugee in Prague

In June 2016, Prague College communications student Zeina Kanawati recorded this interview on the Syrian refugee crisis for Radio Prague. (English language)