Published: 24 Apr 2015

Open Discussion on Communications and Media Studies

We welcomed a group of experienced journalists and media professionals to discuss the state of the industry in the context of our new BA (Hons) programme

We were delighted to be joined by a number of professional journalists for our first open discussion forum on media and communications. They included Nedim Dervisbegovic of Radio Free Europe; author and radio journalist David Vaughan; journalist and editor Brian Kenety; freelance journalist Zuzana Kaiserova; Vladan Sír, editor of Patek magazine; and strategic communications professional Theo Schwinke.


The discussion ranged broadly and deeply across the landscape of the mass media, the participants' own experience, and their expectations for the future of the industry. The forum provided us with an important context for further development of our programme due to start in September 2015. To find out more, please visit the BA(Hons) Communications and Media Studies page, from which you can also apply for more information.