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Summer School - Financial Crime

Financial Crime

Format: All lectures will be via our Digital Campus.* 

The course will give particular emphasis to the importance of Knowledge Management, Intelligence Strategy and Executive Leadership in highly competitive environments where too often goals can ‘legitimise’ all kinds of behaviour and how workplace culture can exert a role in what is seen as acceptable or unacceptable behaviour by individuals. 


Student will gain the fundamental knowledge required to understand the main issues and problems in the field emphasised by critical scenarios and problem solving ensuring that students receive practical learning via real life cases. Several activities based on role playing are designed to facilitate learning and to ensure knowledge acquisition of an extremely complex and highly interdisciplinary field of study. 

In addition, the course includes input from top professionals in the field who have experience working in digital forensics and cyber-crime

This course is ideal for future law enforcers, lawyers, security personnel, consultants, investigators, entrepreneurs, auditors, accountants and those with responsibilities for mitigating risk in financial institutions, as well as anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted complexities of the global business environment. 

The course is run by Head of Business, Dr Stefano Cavagnetto, who regularly lectures to European business leaders on topics encompassing Financial Crime. Click here to read about our Anti-bribery seminar held in March 2020.

*If you live locally then Stefano is also available for face-to-face consultations regarding your assignment tasks 

When: 21 June to 9 July 2021

Format: All lectures are online via Digital Campus

Class schedule: Monday to Thursday 13:00-17:00*
*Subject to change on participants' timezones

Price: 12,000 CZK

Lecturer: Dr. Stefano Cavagnetto PhD

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