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MSc Leadership and Strategic Management


Global Blended Degree in the Digital Campus 

Whether you are local to Prague or living abroad, our blended degrees are designed to offer maximum flexibility. You experience superior learning in our immersive Digital Campus where active participation in workshops and lectures takes place, along with constant individual mentoring from our professional lecturers. This is supplemented by in-person residential sessions in Prague, allowing you to meet and learn in person with your fellow students and academic team.



The MSc Leadership and Strategic Management programme has been developed in response to today's rapidly changing business environment as well as businesses’ need for enhanced leadership, strategic and change management skills required from their leaders. 

The one year programme is suitable for working professionals who aspire to become managers and leaders, or those who are already at an executive level and would like to formalise their qualifications and apply their experience in an educational context and develop further. 

Regardless of the industry that you work in, Prague College welcomes professionals from all fields which require exceptional leadership and management skills on a daily basis, who will in turn enrich the overall learning experience for Master’s students.

Students examine the principles of strategic management and successful implementation in businesses and gain a deep understanding of leadership and ethics in cultural contexts and how these factors impact employee management and decision-making.

A unique aspect of the programme is the opportunity for students to undertake a work-based portfolio module where they learn to examine and reflect on their work-based performance and practice and then can implement the learning that develops within their workplace. 

Residential Block

This Master’s degree can be completed over three semesters including the dissertation, with evening and weekend classes providing the flexibility needed to successfully balance both work and study. 

Choose from two residential options to complement your studies:
a) two weekends per semester (week 4 and week 8), or b) one week per semester (end of semester)

If you are unable to join us in Prague, for whatever reason, please know that you will be welcome to join future residential blocks, even as a graduate, and can still complete your programme.

Apply Now

  • Gain specialist leadership and strategic management skills specifically developed in response to industry needs
  • Professional skills in negotiation, teamwork, leadership and management with consideration to cultural variations encountered in global businesses
  • Enhance and develop career to achieve a senior management role
  • Reflect on your work-based performance and development and implement new learning into your workplace  
  • Cooperate on international projects during studies
  • Engage with our highly regarded industry network partners and guest lecturers.
  • Have the opportunity to publish your best work in our CRIS Bulletin, providing invaluable recognition in international business and economics journals.
  • Extend your local and international networks and set a career path for contributing to business and society as a whole.
  • Enjoy regular seminars, workshops and guest speakers at our Master Speaker series
  • Graduate with an internationally-recognised British MSc Leadership and Strategic Management


What you study

Over two semesters you will experience dedicated practical and experiential learning, underpinned by activities that include projects, fieldwork, live projects, business simulations, global and local case studies, ongoing contact with industry, relevant research-based teaching and the creation of a work based performance and practice portfolio that can be developed and implemented within your workplace. 

During residential seminars, students on this postgraduate programme will have the chance to engage with their lecturers and peers in a dialogue format that is an essential characteristic of advanced higher learning.

Semester 1

  • Business Research Methods

  • Global Leadership Challenges

  • Work Based Portfolio (start)

    Semester 2

  • Strategic Management for the Global Environment

  • Challenges of Globalisation

  • Work Based Portfolio (complete)

  • Dissertation (start)

    Semester 3

  • Dissertation (complete)


Entry requirements

Applicants need to have work experience and currently be in employment to maximise their educational experience during the programme.

1.  Previous education

  • a British Honours degree, first or second class, or another suitable Bachelors degree in any subject area
  • a postgraduate qualification or equivalent, or
  • a relevant professional qualification
  • a minimum of 2 years full-time relevant working
    experience in the management area and currently
    employed in such a role.

2.  Proof of English level upon entry, which could be one of the following:

  • IELTS score – 6.0 
  • TOEFL iBT score of at least 90
  • Versant language exam - score equivalent to 6.0 IELTS. This test is administered at Prague College.
  • If the applicant has completed a Bachelors programme entirely in English this requirement may not apply

3. Letter of motivation (500 words) describing career and personal motivation.

4. Professional and academic references

5. Curriculum Vitae

6. Final Interview

Teaching Faculty