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Modes of Study

Full-time: all programmes

A typical full-time student is pursuing his or her first university degree, and has often come to Prague College soon after completing secondary school. Master’s students typically reduce their work responsibilities to a minimum while studying, in particular if following the intensive study mode (see below for details).

While this mode of studying is ideal for someone who can devote all their time to their education, Prague College also has many students who work part-time while maintaining their full student status. This mode of study is offered in all programmes at Prague College.

Blended Learning: Business and Computing Bachelor's Degree programmes

A typical blended learning student is pursuing his or her education while juggling other significant responsibilities, such as working full-time, bringing up children or caring for family members. This study mode gives students maximum flexibility and allows them to earn their degree in the standard 3 years!

Most students studying are already experienced in the world of work, may have some experience of higher education, and are looking to improve their qualifications and career opportunities. 

The well-designed programmes are offered as distance learning through live online lectures and other online learning tools, supported by weekend workshops on campus. Students who choose to follow this mode of study have shown the motivation and dedication to balance online classes, and personal tutoring at Prague College, to successfully earn their British Bachelor's degree.

Master's level: Intensive vs. Standard format

Students pursuing a Master’s in International Management or Computing can choose between Intensive or Standard format. The intensive format allows students to graduate with a Master's degree in 12 - 18 months, depending on which semester they start in. The standard format typically takes 24 months for students to complete the programme.

For those students in full-time employment the Standard format is a great option. It means less lectures per semester and therefore, less assignments! This enables students to balance both their university and professional responsibilities successfully. 

All Master's programmes in the School of Art & Design are offered in Standard Format only.