• HND Business

    HND Business

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  • HND Graphic Design

    HND Graphic Design

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  • HND Fine Art

    HND Fine Art

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  • HND Computing

    HND Computing

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  • Professional Diploma in Marketing

    Professional Diploma in Marketing

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  • Professional Diploma in HumanResource Management

    Professional Diploma in HumanResource Management

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  • Professional Diploma in WebDesign & Development

    Professional Diploma in WebDesign & Development

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  • Professional Diploma in InformationSystems Design and Administration

    Professional Diploma in InformationSystems Design and Administration

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  • Professional Diploma inNetworking & Security Read more

    Professional Diploma inNetworking & Security

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  • Professional Diploma in SmallBusiness Enterprise

    Professional Diploma in SmallBusiness Enterprise

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  • Professional Diploma in BusinessManagement

    Professional Diploma in BusinessManagement

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  • Professional Diploma inProgramming and Coding

    Professional Diploma inProgramming and Coding

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Diplomas and Certificates

Our HND programmes are accredited British higher education qualifications awarded by Pearson BTEC (formerly called Edexcel), the largest organization appointed by the UK Government’s regulator, Ofqual, to award a wide range of qualifications. It is the only awarding body responsible for the development, assessment and quality monitoring of the highly respected Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes taught at Prague College and universities and colleges in the UK and around the world. Our foundation diplomas are also accredited Pearson BTEC qualifications. Professional Diplomas are awarded by Prague College.

Higher National Diploma programmes

Professional Diplomas


  • Branislava Kuburovic

    Branislava Kuburovic

    Programme Leader, HND Interactive Media

  • Pascal Silondi

    Pascal Silondi

    Principal Lecturer

  • Jeremiah Palecek

    Jeremiah Palecek

    Programme Leader, HND Interactive Media

  • Michal Marianek

    Michal Marianek

    Associate Lecturer

  • Kelly Hoben

    Kelly Hoben

    Associate Lecturer

  • Christophe Saidi

    Christophe Saidi

    Associate Lecturer

  • Krystof Kriz

    Krystof Kriz

    Associate Lecturer

  • Jiri Ptacek

    Jiri Ptacek

    Associate Lecturer

  • Martin Ferencei

    Martin Ferencei

    Associate Lecturer

  • Cazim Dervisevic

    Cazim Dervisevic

    Associate Lecturer

  • Masa Hilcisin

    Masa Hilcisin

    Programme Leader, HND Creative Media Production

  • Jakub Grosz

    Jakub Grosz

    Associate Lecturer