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  • Flexible Study: BA (Hons) International Business Management

BA (Hons) International Management (Blended Learning)



This full Bachelor's degree is based on a practical and relevant approach to management, marketing, finance and international business. The Blended Learning programme has been created especially for professionals, combining distance learning and guided learning to make it as flexible as possible. It provides an approach that is more suitable for those in employment, and the whole programme can be completed in 3.5 years (9 semesters).

What are the management skills required in cross-cultural management? How can I manage my enterprise through complex changes and lead it to global opportunities and success? The International Business Management programme provides a study of some of these important questions.


Why take the Blended Learning Programme?

  • Flexible learning allows you to develop your existing professional skills and strengths at your own pace.
  • Employers really value continuous improvement that comes from lifelong learning.
  • Flexible courses can be completed in fewer semesters than a traditional part-time course.
  • And you can start at any time of year; September, February or in the summer!

Opportunity and Inspiration

  • Build on your maturity and ability to work independently
  • Engage directly with many companies and business leaders
  • Gain confidence through projects in real-life business contexts
  • Learn from lecturers and professionals who bring their experience directly
  • Take a highly practical approach with guidance and supervision from instructors

I'm ready to apply!

Some of our outstanding alumni who have completed this degree include:



Moritz Kustermann
BA (Hons) Int'l Business Management

"I’m comfortable in this city; it’s an amazing experience.The job situation in Prague is great at the moment, especially if you're multilingual. As a German speaker I have had plenty of offers just in the last couple of months."


What you study

The programme is completed in 9 semesters using four modes of study:

  • Self-Study (SS): Modules under the Self Study Mode are modules that require the learner engaging in a personal development and self study process; academic support is entirely offered by the Moodle platform and study materials and assignment briefs are given at the beginning of the module. These module are coming in a self structured and contained manner and do not require any further support. In case of queries the Programme coordinator is the main reference for the learners.
  • Guided Learning (GL): Modules under the Guided Learning Mode are modules that require a certain level of interaction among tutors and learners in a form of shared activities (online time assessment, forum discussions etc.). The amount of activities in any form is of 15 hours per module. Another 5 hours are added for individual feedback online and the module comes in a self structured format and complemented by additional resources provided by the the tutors along the course development.
  • Distance Learning (DL): Modules under the Distance Learning Mode are a combination of self study mode and workshops. In particular a weekend session, 12 hrs (divided into two days, weekends) in total scheduled per module, in which tutors and learners engage in a class-based environment and work on the assignments. Study materials are provided through Moodle and complemented by class materials in order to offer a comprehensive view of the subject areas.
  • Tutor-Based (TB): Modules under the Tutor Based Mode are modules that offer a close guidance from the tutors and are designed around 20 hours of lectures and tutorings and complemented by study material in Moodle. Typically, sessions are scheduled by the module tutors and in a seminar format learners and tutors engage in a guided learning process to prepare for the final assessments.

Year 1

  • Business and the Business Environment (SS)
  • Marketing Essentials (DL)
  • Business Law (GL)
  • Management Accounting (TB)
  • Human Resource Management (SS)
  • Organizational Behaviour (SS)
  • Management and Operations (DL)

Year 2

  • Managing a Successful Business Project (TB)
  • Financial Accounting (GL)
  • Business Ethics (GL)
  • Research Project 1 (TB)
  • Statistics for Management (DL)
  • Understanding and Leading Change (SS)
  • Business Strategy (DL)
  • Research Project 2 (GL)
  • Global Business Environment (SS)

Year 3

  • Operations and Project Management (TB)
  • Business Economics (DL)

Final Year

  • Business Research Methods — 20 credits
  • Critical Perspectives in Leadership and Management — 20 credits
  • Global Economics and Business Operations — 20 credits
  • Business Project — 40 credits
  • International Finance — 20 credits


Entry requirements

To be considered for the Blended Learning Programme, a prospective student must be at least 21 years old and be able to fulfil the following criteria:

1. At least two consecutive years’ employment or self-employment

2. At least one reference, generally from an employer or previous academic tutor

3. High school or previous college education, which could be one of the following:

  • a Czech high school diploma (maturita)

  • two A-level passes or LCCIEB equivalent

  • a Prague College Diploma

  • equivalent education from other countries, assessed individually

Students with experience or equivalent education in some subjects of the programme may be granted advance credit towards the HND after completing the required Assessment of Prior Learning or Experience documentation.

4. Proof of English level upon entry, which could be one of the following:

  • IELTS score – 6.0 (with no band below 5.5)
  • ELSA score of at least 380, administered at Prague College or elsewhere in the world
  • TOEFL iBT score of at least 79
  • FCE (A)

If you need to improve your language skills, you can take one of our Foundation programmes.

5. A letter of motivation (300 words) that identifies why you want to study at Prague College and in this particular programme.

6. Final interview – a formal discussion with the applicant and final confirmation of the application process.

Computer and basic skills requirements

Equipment - personal laptop with any operating system is enough. Basic overall knowledge of IT is expected, with more in-depth skills in some areas (typically website design, programming, networking, or databases)


Tuition & Payment

Prague College Scholarships

All applicants are eligible to apply for scholarships which may be awarded in consideration of academic excellence, social engagement in school activities or generally in society, financial need and special circumstances. We also have a special fund to support students coming from Czech-language and Slovak-language secondary schools and universities

Successful scholarship winners can have from 5% up to 30% of their tuition covered for either a single academic year or the duration of the programme.

Apply early. The number of scholarships is limited. Ask us for details!


Czech students are eligible for Gaudeamus student loans from Komercni Banka. Some students from other countries have received funding from their home countries to study at Prague College, and if you think you may be eligible for funding from your home country do not hesitate to ask for our advice and support.

When to pay

A deposit on tuition ensures new students a place on the programme. Full tuition for the first semester is due two weeks before starting the programme, except in the case of late registrations.

International students pay the first semester, relevant registration fees and the first semester rent for accommodation before starting the visa application process.

Continuing students pay the next semester tuition two weeks before the end of the current semester.

Early payment discounts 

You can save up to 8% if you pay the academic year in advance. The discount is calculated as 1% per month for each month the individual semester payments are paid early.

New students do not receive a discount on their first semester, but if they choose to pay the first year up front, then they would receive the discount for the second semester.

Payment plans

Students who have finished the first semester, and who make all their payments by the due date, can apply for a payment plan for an administrative fee of 700 Czk per semester plus 1% surcharge for each installment.

Contact us now if you have any question regarding tuition deadlines, early payment discounts or your eligibility for a payment plan.


Teaching Faculty

  • lucie_rivera.jpg

    Lucie Rivera

    Programme Coordinator
  • Dave Gannon

    Dave Gannon

    Associate Head of School of Business

  • Bruce Gahir

    Bruce Gahir

    Associate Head of School of Business

  • Larry Koch

    Larry Koch

    Associate Lecturer

  • Stefano Cavagnetto

    Stefano Cavagnetto

    Head of the School of Business

  • Joel Imhoof

    Joel Imhoof

    Principal Lecturer