• Blended Learning and Professional Diplomas
  • Blended Learning and Professional Diplomas
  • Blended Learning and Professional Diplomas
  • Blended Learning and Professional Diplomas
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Global Bachelor's Degrees

Blended Bachelor’s Degrees & Professional Diplomas in the #DigitalCampus

Earning your British degree or diploma while working full-time, or residing elsewhere, is easily achieved when you undertake one of our Blended learning degree, or professional diploma programmes.

Our Blended programme delivery offers you the best experience of a Prague College education by combining regular studies in our immersive Digital Campus, supplemented by in-person residential sessions in Prague, when convenient to your schedule. 

Blended learning offers maximum flexibility; you have less time on campus, but still experience superior learning, individual mentoring from our professional lecturers and have personal, frequent participation in the #DigitalCampus, making you an active participant in our global digital community.

The Blended format allows us to offer a three-year Bachelor’s programme delivered through the #DigitalCampus supported by weekend sessions organised by our lecturers.

Blended Learning is ideal for students already experienced in the world of work who are looking to improve their qualifications and career opportunities by earning a British-accredited Bachelor’s degree.

The Blended Learning format of study is offered for the following degree programmes:

Residential Blocks

Our residential weekends in Prague give you the opportunity to experience in-person instruction with your lecturers, along with plenty of networking and social opportunities with your fellow students and academic staff.

Computing degree: 4 full weekends of lectures per semester.

Business degrees: 2 weekends of lectures per semester

If you are unable to join us in Prague, for whatever reason, please know that you will be welcome to join future residential blocks, even as a graduate.


ACCA & CIMA preparation courses

Prague College’s School of Business is licensed to teach both ACCA & CIMA syllabus. These courses are delivered by our highly-qualified lecturers experienced in teaching finance and accounting to a professional standard. Teaching is arranged on a flexible basis with the student so as to best accommodate their demanding, and at times inflexible work schedules. The teaching can take place in person at Prague College, or via our #DigitalCampus. We also offer intensive revision courses for those looking for extra preparation just before their examination. Find out more here:

Professional Diplomas

Our School of Media & IT Professional Diploma programmes are designed for working professionals, typically in the field, who wish to develop their skills in a specific area of IT and Computing.

Teaching is arranged where possible on a flexible basis with the student so as to best accommodate their schedule. Lecturers can teach in several different formats via our #DigitalCampus and in-person instruction on weekends or during the working week. The Specialist and Advanced level professional diplomas do require students to have some prerequisite knowledge.