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BA (Hons) Creative Media Production



This undergraduate degree introduces students to the latest practices in new and contemporary media, starting with journalism, film, TV, and radio and expanding into multi-platform and convergent journalism. This exciting programme in the heart of Europe works to international media standards and practices, and creates professionals able to analyse and think critically, opening work opportunities in media channels around the world.

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Over the course of the three-year programme, students have access to industry-standard facilities, including TV/film, radio and photography studios, digital video and audio editing suites. Through hands-on work supported by theoretical knowledge, students are prepared for work in a broad spectrum of media, from print, electronic and online to film, press, radio, photojournalism, and new media.

Throughout the programme students develop close links to the international media industry, and come into regular contact with media professionals. Students may also gain practical experience by applying for a media internship as part of the programme. The programme is complemented by a regular lecture series presenting talks by international figures in the media industry. The BA (Hons) Creative Media Production programme is strongly international, with students from all over the world helping to create a diverse cultural experience that reflects the world of contemporary media and media production.

Students also gain broad knowledge of social history, theory and media history, develop analytical and critical thinking, and learn about current ethical challenges in the media industries.

This programme includes two great qualifications, an HND in Creative Media Production at the end of the second year and a Bachelor’s degree at the end of the third year.

Our vision is to produce graduates with the highest professional standards, whose competence embraces professional ethics and humanistic values. Our graduates are interdisciplinary media specialists and future media leaders who help shape existing social and political norms and are active participants and creators of public discourse.

Opportunity & Inspiration

  • Small classes enabling direct contact and guidance from professionals
  • Outstanding lecturers and guest speakers offering excellent support.
  • Modern studio environment with industry resources appropriate for class and subject areas; Mac and PC labs; advanced software; specialist multimedia tools.
  • Students work on real-life projects, sometimes with real clients.
  • Vocational programme with hands-on experience - thus better employment opportunities
  • Cooperation with many media organizations, including TV, radio, broadcast, film etc.
  • Opportunities for work experience during the programme.
  • Provides 240 ECTS (360 UK) university credits.

Career Success

BA (Hons) Creative Media Production provides solid background and training to prepare students for work in a broad spectrum of media: print, electronic and online media, PR, audio/visual forms, press, advertising, storytelling, photography, film and new media. Competence is developed across a wide-range of technologies and skills, including: online news writing; PR; radio programming; new media technologies, designing, creating, and delivering marketing campaigns; designing media releases. Our strong emphasis is on analytical and critical thinking.

This programme prepares students to work in media industries, creative industries, media organizations and elsewhere locally, internationally, or globally. It extends technical and practical knowledge with a significant theoretical base to become a ‘fully equipped’ media specialist and practitioner.

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Teaching Faculty

  • Masa Hilcisin

    Masa Hilcisin

    Programme Leader

  • David Vaughan

    David Vaughan

    Associate Lecturer

  • Veronika Douchova

    Veronika Douchova

    Head of School of IT & Computing

  • Bohus Ziskal

    Bohus Ziskal

    Programme Leader, HND Computing

  • Stefano Cavagnetto

    Stefano Cavagnetto

    Head of the School of Business

  • Lucie Evjakova

    Lucie Evjakova

    Associate Lecturer

  • Peppur Chambers

    Peppur Chambers

    Associate Lecturer

  • Dave Gannon

    Dave Gannon

    Associate Head of the School of Business

  • Andrea Pruchova

    Andrea Pruchova

    Associate Lecturer

  • Zuzana Kaiserova

    Zuzana Kaiserova

    Associate Lecturer

  • Omid Marzban

    Omid Marzban

    Associate Lecturer

  • Joel Imhoof

    Joel Imhoof

    Principal Lecturer

  • Anna Boguszak

    Anna Boguszak

    Associate Lecturer

  • Alex Went

    Alex Went

    Associate Lecturer
  • David Friday

    David Friday

    Associate Lecturer
  • azadeh-mohammadi.jpg

    Azadeh Kangarani

    Associate Lecturer