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Global Blended Degrees

Blended Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees in the #DigitalCampus

Are you attracted by the idea of studies in Business, Finance or Computing and wish to enhance your educational qualifications, but would prefer to remain in your current location? Or do external commitments mean that you would struggle to attend a classic full or part-time programme?

Our blended learning programmes answer these needs. Blended delivery offers you the best experience of a Prague College education by combining regular studies in our immersive Digital Campus, supplemented by in-person residential sessions in Prague, when convenient to your schedule. 

Blended learning offers maximum flexibility; you have less time on campus, but still experience superior learning, individual mentoring from our professional lecturers and have personal, frequent participation in the #DigitalCampus, making you an active participant in our global digital community.

Master’s Degrees, start September or February:

Residential Block

Join us in Prague for in-person instruction, along with plenty of networking and social opportunities allowing you to mix with fellow Master's students and academic staff.

Choose from two residential options:
a) two weekends per semester (week 4 and week 8), or b) one week per semester (end of semester)

If you are unable to join us in Prague, for whatever reason, please know that you will be welcome to join future residential blocks, even as a graduate, and can still complete your programme.

Bachelor’s Degrees, start September, February, or June*:

Residential Blocks

Our residential weekends in Prague give you the opportunity to experience in-person instruction with your lecturers, prepare for upcoming assessments, along with plenty of networking and social opportunities with your fellow students and academic staff.

Business degrees: 2 weekends of lectures per semester

Computing degree: 4 full weekends of lectures per semester

Digital Campus for the 2021 academic year

We look forward to welcoming you to Prague for your residential sessions, but we recognise that depending on your country of residence, you may still have difficulty if flights are not yet operating, or if visas are delayed. Teaching methods may also be subject to the evolution of the pandemic and any subsequent Government restrictions.  

All programmes include use of our Digital Campus, where students are able to learn in a fully immersive and web-enabled experience. If you are delayed or unable to come to Prague because of health or travel restrictions, then you will participate in real-time residential classes with your fellow students in Prague, as well as individual consultations and other learning activities made possible through our Digital Campus. 

If restrictions prevent your arrival for the entire 2021 academic year then you will be able to complete the one-year programme on time through the Digital Campus. 

Alejandro Villamarin (Ecuador)
MSc Computing graduate

quote-marksI work for one of the biggest investment banks in the UK in the High Performance Computing Engineering team as a DevOps Engineer. Studying at Prague College taught me to think and work independently and the lecturers were always encouraging me to improve my analytical skills so that I could express and then critically evaluate my work. Furthermore, achieving a British degree gives you an edge when competing for demanding job positions as they are highly regarded by employers.