A deposit on tuition ensures new students a place on the programme. Full tuition for the first semester is due two weeks before starting the programme, except in the case of late registrations.

International students pay the first semester's fees, the visa administration fee, and a deposit for accommodation before starting the visa application process.

Continuing students pay the next semester's tuition fees two weeks before the end of the current semester.

Early payment discounts

After the first semester, students can save 1% for each month they decide to pay early, in advance of the payment deadline, up to a maximum 10% saving on any semester.

Admission Deadlines

New students who pay their first semester’s fees during one of the early application rounds may be eligible for discounts if paying in advance. See here for details

Payment plans

Students who have finished the first semester, and who have made all their payments by the due date, can apply for a payment plan for an administrative fee plus 1% surcharge for each instalment.

Contact us now if you have any question regarding tuition deadlines, early payment discounts or your eligibility for a payment plan.