Scholarships & Loans

Prague College Scholarships

All applicants are eligible to apply for scholarships which may be awarded in consideration of academic excellence, social engagement in school activities or generally in society, financial need and special circumstances. We also have a special fund to support students coming from Czech-language and Slovak-language secondary schools and universities.

Typically, scholarships cover up to 30% of tuition fees for undergraduate programmes, or up to 40% for Master's programmes. In either case, scholarships can be for either a single academic year or the duration of the programme.

Scholarship winners also join the Prague College Leadership Association, which provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills while engaging in a range of activities and events for the college community.

Apply early. The number of scholarships is limited. Ask us for details!


Maggie Jandová

maggie-jandova.jpg"Thanks to the scholarship I can still get a British degree, which would otherwise be impossible for me, because I can't afford the studies in UK. With the scholarship I was given an opportunity to study at Prague College. I believe that life is not only about taking, but also giving and so I was happy to give a hand when it was needed.  I helped with the Graduation Ceremony, Job Fair or the Christmas and Welcome party. In the Leadership Association it depends on the individual how he contributes to the community, but I was trying to be a person with whom others like to work and can rely on."




Czech students are eligible for Gaudeamus student loans from Komercni Banka. Some students from other countries have received funding from their home countries to study at Prague College, and if you think you may be eligible for funding from your home country do not hesitate to ask for our advice and support.

We offer complete administrative support for students applying for loans, bursaries and grants to help fund their studies.

Komercni banka student loans for Czechs 

Prague College students can finance their studies under favourable conditions through our partnership with KB and Gaudeamus student loans.

  • Loan decisions within 2-3 working days
  • Funds released within 1-2 working days after signing contracts
  • Fund tuition and other costs (including living costs) to a maximum of 600,000 CZK
  • You can pay off the loan at any time with no additional charges or penalties
  • Option to pay only interest until you graduate
  • Each year you can decide how much you want to borrow

For more information about this loan just come in to see your study advisor at Prague College.

Please note that KB student loans are currently available only for Czech citizens and permanent residents of the Czech Republic, subject to credit checks and co-signing requirements.