• Transferring University

Transferring University

Many of our students join us with some university experience. If you started a degree programme in your home country or abroad, and have realised you want to to specialise in a different subject area, or simply want a different experience, then get in touch with us!


Transferring credits to Prague College

If you are currently studying at university and are looking to change institutions, or if you have studied at university level previously, you may be eligible to transfer credits from your studies to your degree programme at Prague College. This means you don't have to repeat classes you have already taken and may be able to complete your degree in less time. You will need to submit your official transcripts and course syllabus for further assessment as part of the application process. Our Admissions Advisors will be happy to provide you with further guidance and details. 

I already have a completed qualification, can I enter into the final year of a degree programme?

If you have already completed a qualification such as a Higher National Diploma (HND), or Associate's Degree, you may be eligible to apply directly to start in the final year of one of our degree programmes. It will depend on the exact qualification you hold, the number of credits and/or hours it equivalates to on our programme, and if you meet the other entry requirements. For more information or to check your eligibility, please contact our Admissions advisors at admissions@praguecollege.cz

I'm already studying in the Czech Republic and need a visa, can I transfer to Prague College?

Prague College does support visas for international students. If you are already studying in the Czech Republic, and want to change universities, or perhaps want to start a Master’s programme with us after your Bachelor’s degree, we would welcome your application.

Study Abroad and Transferring credits from Prague College

Many students have come to Prague College for a semester or a year and have successfully transferred credit back to their home university. If you are interested in studying abroad at Prague College we can assist you in transferring credit back to your home university by providing you with detailed class descriptions, a class syllabus or a transcript.

If you are a major in business, media, computing, art or design we may be able to offer you classes to help you complete your degree, wherever you are studying. Get in touch with one of our Admissions Advisors to find out if studying abroad at Prague College is right for you.


UK Credit System

Each module in the UK has a credit value associated with it, which is typically 15 or 20 credits and sometimes 40. One credit represents 10 hours of learning time. Learning time is defined as the amount of time a learner at the level of the module, is expected to take, on average, to complete the learning outcomes of the module to the standard defined by the assessment criteria.

Guided Learning Hours

Learning time is different from guided learning hours (GLH). The GLH does not include learning time spent away from the lecturer, and includes all the time needed to achieve a module, including contact time, directed learning, assessment preparation time and assessment time but not learner initiated study. 

ECTS Credit compared to UK Credit system

In the European framework one academic year of study in a British degree programme corresponds to 60 ECTS credits, or one half of the credits granted under the UK system. In order to complete a degree in the UK, students need to accumulate at least 360 credits, usually studying 120 credits a year. Credits gained on a Bachelor's degree programme at Prague College may be transferred to other universities.

Language and Culture Support

Prague College offers an intensive Czech language and culture class for all incoming students and staff, not as a part of a program of study but as a way to integrate with the society generally. All incoming students are invited to take part in this course.

As all study programmes are taught in English, which is the second or third language for many of our students, additional language support comes in the form of writing tutorials, drop-in sessions for academic writing and research support.

We also have an International Student Association which is a forum for international students to meet and share experiences and concerns. The Association provides community, friendship and networking opportunities for all international students.