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Student Login and Resources

Student Login and Resources

Student Equipment and Resource Requirements

During commencement week at Prague College, all students will be introduced to the university's online platform Moodle and Zoom digital conferencing software along with other online resources in the right hand column.

Additionally, when studying in the physical, digital, or hybrid campuses, all students are required to complete project work using personal hardware, software and/or art supplies.

Depending on your programme, and which year you are in, the equipment you need may vary. Furthermore, if you will be studying in the Digital Campus for an extended period of time this may impact what you need. 

The college understands that some specialist equipment and resources can be expensive and unnecessary for individual purchase. For this reason, the college has an extensive list of resources for use in and out of classes. Students studying in the physical and hybrid campuses will have access to all of the school’s resources both in and outside of classes, but students in these campuses will still be required to meet personal art supply, hardware, and software requirements for working outside of class time.

Click this link to find a breakdown (by programme) of personal student requirements for studying in-person or via the Digital Campus. 

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