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Practical & Academic Support

Drop by our Student Services office for an informal chat or whenever you feel the need for advice or support.

Prague College has dedicated staff, and trained and experienced study advisers to help ensure the best study conditions and to provide advice to minimise stress.

Whether you have questions about your academic path, what to do in Prague or where to get dental, medical or other types of help, we are here to listen and assist you. We also offer regular and anonymous counselling sessions with the help of independent outside psychologists.

Stop by and let us know what you need!

New Student Inductions

The orientation for incoming students introduces everyone to the college academic systems and resources. International students are offered additional visa, accommodation and settling-in advice and support.

Study Advising

All students can discuss academic issues with programme leaders when they need, and every student has a personal advisor with whom they meet at least once each semester to discuss other issues related to their experience at the college.

Health & Well-Being

We help students find medical, dental and psychological support. And we also advise students on health clubs and other pastimes that contribute to an excellent experience during your time here.

Student Counselling Centre

Prague College offers students psychological counselling free of charge and at your preferred times. The service is provided by The City Practice s.r.o., an independent centre providing individual and group counselling by multi-lingual counsellors. 


Tutorial Support

Students who fall behind in their work can inquire about tutorial support and advice to get back on track.

Career Development

We  organise activities including job fairs, seminars and career boards with our Industry Network and Alumni Association to ensure you have the chance to get in contact with employers to develop your career.

Students also meet potential employers during their studies on projects and during guest speaker opportunities, so it is no surprise that many students end up on career-path part-time and full-time jobs even during the course of their studies.