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Student Services

Drop by our Student Services office for an informal chat or whenever you feel the need for advice or support. We have dedicated staff, and trained and experienced study advisers to help ensure the best study conditions and to provide advice to minimize stress.

New Student Welcome Week and Orientation

The week before new students begin their studies, the Student Services team provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the campus and how to get settled in Prague. Current students assist new students with setting up their travel pass, bank account and phone plan. There are other fun, optional activities planned throughout the week that allow students to get to know one another before the start of the semester and learn more about the beautiful city of Prague. 

Orientation takes place on one day during the Welcome Week. This day is filled with activities that allow you to get to know other new students while learning more about the school and surrounding neighbourhood. 

Programme Inductions

Programme Inductions introduce each student to their academic programme. The Programme Leader provides information on the courses that the student will be taking, the grading system and resources that are available throughout your studies. This allows students to feel more prepared for their first semester and gives them more in-depth information on what their studies will look like over the next few years.

Study Advising

All students can discuss academic issues with programme leaders when they need, and every student has a personal advisor with whom they meet at least once each semester to discuss other issues related to their experience at the college.

All students are given a personal academic advisor based on the school in which they are studying.

Students may set up a meeting with their study advisor when they need advice on any issues related to their experience at the college. Study advisors can assist students with time management or study skills, help them set goals and future expectations, give advice on how to deal with culture shock and much more. If students need advice about their academics, Programme Leaders are available for meetings as well.

Health & Well-Being

When moving to a new city, it can be difficult to know what to do when you feel ill or need assistance with a health care-related issue. Student Services can provide information to students on health care within the city. We help students find dental, medical, and psychological support when needed.

Student Counselling Centre

Prague College offers students psychological counselling free of charge and at your preferred times. The service is provided by The City Practice s.r.o., an independent centre providing individual and group counselling by multi-lingual counsellors. The professionals at this practice can assist students with various topics and are highly reputable. All appointment information is kept confidential. 

Confirmation of Studies

If you are in need of a Confirmation of Studies for an employer, health care, insurance, or any other purpose, then Student Services can provide you with one. In order to request a Confirmation of Studies, log into your Moodle account and look at the Main Menu on the left-hand side of the screen. There, you will find a “Confirmation of Studies Request Form” link. Click the link and fill in the information that is required so that we can have all of the correct information needed. Once the document is prepared for you, then you will receive an email that it is ready for you to pick it up at the reception desk at Polska.

Career Development

Throughout the semester we keep you up-to-date with internship and employment opportunities by email.  We organize activities including job fairs, seminars and career boards with our Industry Network and Alumni Association to ensure you have the chance to get in contact with employers to develop your career.

Students also meet potential employers during their studies while working on projects and during our guest speaker opportunities. It is no surprise that many students end up on a career path with part-time and full-time jobs even during the course of their studies.