Student Counselling Centre

Did you know...?

  • Prague College offers students Psychological counselling free of charge
  • you can use the service based on your own preffered times
  • you can choose from a variety of ways to consult with a counsellor or clinical psychologist on anything you need

Who provides the service & who are the counsellors?

  • The City Practice s.r.o. is an independent centre providing individual and group counselling by multi-lingual counsellors
  • provides holistic mental health support to help students achieve their academic and personal goals
  • provides student counselling and staff support services to many academic organizations
  • is a recognized service provider for global health insurance organizations including Shepellfgi and HTH Worldwide
  • the purpose is to provide individual first-line supportive counselling and education on mental health issues and to promote mental health awareness
  • confidentiality is our priority - all enquiries and client communications are treated in absolute confidence, and no personal information is ever disclosed to others without consent unless we are required by law to do so

Help with what?

  • any burden belonging to you or to someone you care for 
  • examples of commonly discussed issues are:
  1. academic and college life - Exam stress, Presentation Anxiety, Study skills, Adjustment to college life, Culture shock, Time/Stress management,
  2. (mental) health issues - Depression, Anxiety, Eating disorders, Sleeping problems, Drug/Alcohol problems, dealing with chronic illness
  3. inter-personal or partnership difficulties
  4. other – Grief, Loneliness, Low self-esteem, Discrimination, Traumatic experience …


You can book your spot for a session using the link to our online reservation system:

Contact us:

Telephone: (+420) 733 193 945