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Interest Clubs

Prague College interest clubs are offered to make your experience at Prague College more fun, exciting, and more educationally dynamic.

Our students are active in a number of interest clubs which promise to enrich the educational experience at Prague College. Below you will find a summary of the different clubs which have been organized for all students as well as teachers, alumni, colleagues and friends. And it's never too late to join! If you are interested in any of these clubs, simply contact the organizer or join the relevant facebook group to get regular updates. 

Please note that clubs are updated on a semester to semester basis, as new ones form. For the current list of clubs see Student Services.

Czech out Basketball

Organizer: Joel Imhoof (joel.i@praguecollege.cz)
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/452661691471353/

We play at least once a week. During the winter we play indoors, but come spring - outdoors it is! Come along and play or learn or cheer! All students and teachers are welcome. And girls come show the boys how it's really done. To learn more about it, or to offer your own ideas, go to Czech out Basketball on Facebook.

Czech out Film

Organizer: Joel Imhoof (joel.i@praguecollege.cz)
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/407400442647190/

This is a very simple club to become a part of: come watch a movie!
The club meets once a month to watch and discuss a few films. The facebook group is set up to engage students in discussions about the films. Before each monthly meeting students should go to facebook and take a look at some topical questions Joel will be posting about the films. Check out the EVENTS part of this page to see when/where the next viewing will be.

Czech out Football

Organizer: Joel Imhoof (joel.i@praguecollege.cz)
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/475847055783596/

This club meets regularly for practice and matches against other local universities. There is a also a regular match between students and lecturers. All are welcome to join in the fun.


Czech out Running

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/457708974272198/

This club is for all those who like to run. Students who are interested to get together and go running are encouraged to organize themselves and go running wherever they want, how often they want. It’s up to you guys to get together and motivate each other. The facebook group is a great place to make arrangements for anyone interested!

Czech out Yoga

Yoga teacher: Renata
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/471705992861197/

The purpose of this class is to introduce new practitioners to some basic elements of yoga as well as to get them inspired about the practice and for more experienced students to enjoy and perhaps even deepen the practice.  More importantly, however, it should give all students a chance to realize the power of being in the present moment and connect their bodies and minds through breath, which essentially is the definition of yoga, thereby gaining knowledge of the Self without judgment. If all that sounds too complicated, just come to room 209 on Fridays at 5pm and Czech it out!