Humanities Society

The Humanities Society (PCHS) is run by students and members of staff from different departments for the benefit of everyone interested in the humanities, including philosophy, psychology, sociology and related disciplines at any level.

Our aim is to provide the college community, as well as the general public, an opportunity to appreciate and reflect upon issues that arise in different areas of humanities.

We encourage thought and discussion to develop on a personal and professional level in terms of critical thinking, equality, personal ethics and mutual respect. New ideas and concepts may seem provocative, even radical at first, but lead to exploration of bewildering new possibilities, which can be ultimately enthralling and rewarding, (as well as disconcerting and perplexing)!

Guest speakers and members of the college offer discourse on a rich and diverse array of topics.

The PCHS was formally established in April, 2011 and we aim to be a leader among student-run societies in the Czech Republic.Membership and communication channels.

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Follow the college news and events listings on this website or on the college Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest activities of the Humanities Society.

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