Student Clubs & Associations

Your time at university is a wonderful opportunity to meet with new friends, discover new interests and launch new careers. Prague College supports you in these very important endeavours by helping your get the most from your experience as a student here.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association unites our graduates from all years, programmes and countries with the aim of providing lifelong contact between friends and fellow students.

Humanities Society

The Humanities Society (PCHS) is run by students and members of staff from different departments for the benefit of everyone interested in the humanities, including philosophy, psychology, sociology and related disciplines at any level.

Interest Clubs

Prague College interest clubs are offered to make your experience at Prague College more fun, exciting, and more educationally dynamic.

International Student Association (ISA)

The International Student Association (ISA) is a community of Prague College international students who meet regularly to share experiences of living abroad. ISA holds regular activities, organizes trips and events, and is a great way to discover the culture of the Czech Republic.

Student Council

The Student Council represents students from throughout Prague College's three schools and consists of students of various nationalities, supporting the international and multicultural atmosphere of the college.