• Prague College campus
  • Prague College campus
  • Prague College campus
  • Prague College campus
  • Prague College campus

Our Campus, Facilities & Resources

Prague College is located just five minutes from the commercial and historical centre of Prague. The campus is set in a pleasant residential district, next to a large park: you cannot imagine a better place to study and relax!

Main campus & Setting

The college Reception area is located at our main entrance on Polska street. Here students have access to support and services staff, in addition to separate student services, admissions and student records departments. Several non-smoking refreshment areas and a terrace are available for relaxation and study. The college is in the central Vinohrady district of Prague - a beautiful part of the city centre dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries - full of cafes, clubs, restaurants and cultural venues.

Art & design studios 

Bishop’s Court is Prague College’s second campus, located in the city centre. A dedicated art and design studio facility, it provides a dynamic space for classes, exhibitions, workshops, and a wide range of creative activities, many of them open to the public. Originally a textile factory, and later a contemporary art gallery, the building has a rich heritage as a centre for artistic production, a tradition which Prague College is proud to maintain and develop.  

Teaching & Common Areas

Classrooms and public areas are bright, clean and quiet. Rooms are designed for 12, 18 or 25 students, where the smaller 12-seat classes are for art and technology-based subjects and advanced seminar rooms. The average number of students in business classes is 18, with class sizes ranging from about 10 to 25 depending on the subject and level.

Computer Labs

Computer labs are equipped with the excellent technology and software needed in industry, business, art and design. A combination of Mac and PC labs provide the best resources as appropriate for the class and subject area, and specialist hardware is available for computing, animation, multimedia and sound production, including Adobe, Microsoft and Autodesk software. Printing and fast wi-fi networks are available throughout the college. 

Library & Resources

Prague College students may access the electronic information systems of the Library of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, as long as they are formally registered with the Library. These resources include complete access to JSTOR, ProQuest, ebrary and more.

In addition, students on Masters and final-year Bachelors programmes have access to a variety of additional research databases and online tools for developing their dissertations and other advanced class work. A physical library supplements the digital collection with several thousand key titles used in our programmes.

The digital Learning Centre delivers all course materials, and provides the main communication hub for the college. Students also have access to their praguecollege.cz email and collaborative word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools on a common college platform.

Our equipment and resources centre provides students access to the sound and image technology used for their programmes.

Events & Parties

Our students enjoy a rich social life, mingling with other local and international students. Our multi-functional space is ideally suited to organising conferences, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and parties. During the course of your studies here you will have a chance to organize and participate in many such events.