Life in Prague

Find out why student life at Prague College is so much fun! Meet friends with similar interests, join a club, ask for help from our support team, or just enjoy the incredible surroundings. These are just some of the amazing experiences you will get when you study in Prague.


Our students say:

"I think Prague is a great city. I like it for being so multicultural, friendly and sort of cozy. It's a perfect place for a student. When I first moved here, Prague was easy to explore, and I met lots of amazing people who helped me a lot." (Nina, Russia)

"Prague is a beautiful city in the heart of Europe. There always seems to be something going on around here... If you are looking for a quality education, life experience, culture, a rich social life and skills that can help you succeed in the real world then I recommend Prague College to you." (Matt, United Kingdom)


Cost of Living

Prague is considered a very affordable city. You will find that the prices of food and transport are considerably lower than in most European capital cities. You can compare your cost of living here.



In the Czech Republic, the weather is seasonal and moderate, and with the mountains and forests you can enjoy both skiing in the winter and camping and biking in the summer.


It's quite easy to find part-time work while studying as well as full-time jobs on completion of a programme. Local and international companies from our Industry Network are always looking to hire candidates who speak English and other languages and who come with the right qualifications. 



Prague features an extensive and well-organized public transport system that can quickly get you anywhere in the city. The trams are the most popular form of transport and run day and night, non-stop. But with the same ticket or pass, you can also ride buses and the three lines of the metro system, where it is very easy to get orientated. There is also a modern airport and several train stations that you can use to explore the rest of Europe. 


Prague has very low crime rates and is considered a safe place to live. Our residence and the college itself provide a safe and secure environment for living and study 


Social Life

Our students enjoy a rich social life, mingling with other local and international students. Additionally, you will find a large international scene with people from all over the world living and enjoying this beautiful city!