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Final Shows

Each year we celebrate our graduating students’ creative achievements with a public final show for each programme. Held at the end of the Spring semester, the final shows are students' opportunity to exhibit work to family, friends, potential employers, clients and the general public. 

This year five programmes will present over four shows. Each show is themed, curated and marketed by student teams who are responsible for selecting modes of delivery, promotional graphics, teaser trailers, budgets, and devising publicity campaigns. 

Here we present the details so far, be sure to check back for show names and publicity graphics, updated weblinks and event details as they are released.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Home Made Design
28 - 30 May 2021

On Friday 28 May from 15:00 till 18:00, final year Graphic Design students invite you to a public presentation of their exhibition.

This hybrid exhibition will present 22 graduating graphic design students work in the form of a live-stream from the studio space at Bishop's Court Art Studios in Prague 1 and student's homes.

To enjoy a sneak peak take a look at the student's work on Behance and follow instagram @pc.artdesign. On Tuesday 25 May the exhibition website homemadedesign.work will be live.

Visit last year’s Happily Ever After exhibition.

Ines Borao, 2021

BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media
Reflection in a pond
3 - 7 June 2021

On Thursday 3 June, sixteen final year Fine Art Experimental Media students will open their exhibition 'Reflection in a pond' over two floors at Bishop's Court Art Studios in Prague 1. They will also launch their accompanying website and printed catalogue to further showcase their art. (can be in a different font weight)

Turning inwards at times when the outside is disconnected. We, as artists, are finding connections in times of crisis. Focussing on ourselves and our practice, within the boundaries of an uncertain outside.

Resembling Narcissus finding his reflection in a steady pond, we too now see the self. Taking photos of ourselves, asking questions about our own perceptions, our own clarity of mind. We take a closer look to converse with ourselves, in an effort to expose a new stage of clarity and resolvedness.

Ultimately everything becomes the subject of self-reflection. The self —as a catalyst for exploration, development and creation— now becomes a steady agent and driver in our worlds. A world that is ever changing, developing and growing.

Our work exists within a context of multiple, overlapping, and intersecting narratives, where there is an undeniable sense of urgency in our creation, our consumption, our conversation. On these still waters, we find our reflection. But disturbing the surface now allows us to refract the perspective and find new directions.

Visit reflection in a pond instagram page

Visit last year’s cometomy.house exhibition.


Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice
7 - 13 June 2021

Foundation students have spent an intensive year learning new skills and mediums to discover hidden strengths and talents. Currently they are developing their final major project which will showcase chosen media and an area they wish to explore. Students are researching, problem solving and planning to shed light on a range of issues and concerns including the environment, discrimination, equality and mental health.     

Their final show will open on Monday 7 June with the launch of a dedicated exhibition website that they will build and create.

Visit last year’s Patient F exhibition and weekly Friday Show exhibitions.

Nastya Moiseenkova, 2021

MA Fine Art & MA Future Design
17 - 20 June 2021

This show is the culmination for final year Master’s students after two years of intensive work. Both final year Fine Art and Future Design programme graduates collaborate and share ideas to unite and present an impressive interdisciplinary show in the Postgraduate Art Studio exhibition spaces of Pragovka in Prague 9. This year, on the 17 June there will be an official exhibition opening for graduating students and their guests, with the exhibition then open to the public until 20 June.

Visit last year’s Reshape exhibition.
Visit 2018's Parsing the Arbitrary exhibition.

Isabel_Ibasco_SentientSpace_02Isabel Ibasco, 2021