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  • Study Business at Prague College!
  • Study Business at Prague College!

School of Business

The School of Business enjoys an excellent faculty, talented students, successful graduates and close partnerships with major corporations. Find out why students tell us we're the best place to study business in Prague.

Our lecturers have a combination of outstanding academic credentials, long experience in teaching and training, and outstanding experience in their disciplines. The business faculty members work alongside students to create an interactive and dynamic learning experience. With students at the centre of the learning experience, the lecturers are here to guide, inspire and facilitate project work, thereby allowing students to gain practical knowledge for themselves.

Our full-time faculty is enhanced by guest speakers and international participants from the Master Speaker series who are highly respected in management, marketing, finance, strategy and other areas of business acumen. We introduce students to outstanding business leaders and build the confidence for our graduates to emerge as creative and innovative leaders in their own right.

The School of Business generates top-quality academic research on global business problems and has a real-world impact on business practice and education.

Join us for a postgraduate MSc International Management degree, a bachelor's degree in International Business Management or Business Finance & Accounting; or one of our various professional diplomas.

We also run special Blended Learning Programmes leading to degrees in International Business Management, and Business Finance & Accounting.