CRIS Bulletin Issue 8 (2013)


# Part I: Art & Design

  • The Function of Open Space in Architecture versus the Function of White Space in Graphic Design (Helena Jakoube)

# Part II: Business & Economics

  • "Is Saving the World's Poor Profitably" Good for Business and Good for the World's Poor? (Sejla Babic)
  • An Analysis of the European Debt Crisis: Its Etiology, Current Status, and Possible Future Direction (Thomas Draper)
  • Shades of Purple Strategy (Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir)
  • Mini Cooper: Marketing Strategy, Brand & Ethics (Mariia Moiseieva)

# Part III: Humanities

  • A Quantification of the Rhytmic Qualities of Salience & Kinesis ( Eduardo Lopes, Andre Goncalves)