CRIS Bulletin Issue 1 (2010)


# Part I: Underground City Project (European Interdisciplinary Platform)

  • Game Engine experimentation, Unity and the UC3D Platform (Pascal Silondi)
  • The Conception of the Self in Multiple Cyber Worlds (Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir)
  • Cellular Automata and the Game Of Life (Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir, Pascal Silondi)
  • Morality and Artificial Agents in Cyberspace (Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir)

# Part II: History of Programming Languages

  • Cobol (Venera Muftakhova, Marko Puskaric)
  • PL/I - Programming Language One (Patrick Scherer, Azamatjon Sharapov)

# Part III: Business Ethics

  • Pluralistic Virtue Ethics and the Corporate Community (Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir)
  • Ethics in the Marketplace (Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir)