Conferences, Seminars & Projects

CRIS organizes academic lectures, workshops and seminars for students, staff, lecturers and the public. Activities are coordinated with the three schools of Business, IT & Computing and Art & Design, with the aim of encouraging cooperation across various academic fields and disciplines.

Active projects

Master Speaker Series

The Master Speaker Series is a regular event held with outstanding individuals from the fields of business, technology, design, culture and politics from all over the world. Students have the opportunity to meet and discuss with inspiring individuals who can offer motivation for dissertations and future careers.

Amnesty International Workshops

CRIS prepares workshops with Amnesty International on topics including migration, AI campaigns, business ethics, human rights and other relevant topics.

Completed projects

Differing Accents Conference

The international typographic and lettering conference Differing Accents (2012) brought together practitioners, academic and students to examine the history and trends of letterforms in Central and Western Europe.

Secret of Ciphers

International Conference on Cryptography and Intelligence

Underground City XXI

Underground City XXI is a Europe-wide project aimed at transforming the heritage of a former Croatian coal mine into an avant-garde cultural and art project with a strong economic and social impact