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Viliam Simko

Viliam Simko

Viliam Simko teaches Java, Unix and Object and Component Systems. In the past, he participated in a variety of EU-funded projects as an analyst, developer and IT-consultant. His area of expertise spans a wide range of software engineering-related topics.

Viliam earned his Master's degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at Charles University's Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. He holds a PhD from the Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems. His doctoral dissertation was focusing on the applicability of natural language processing in the area of requirements engineering.

Research publications:

FOAM : A Lightweight Method for Verification of Use-Cases
by Simko V., Hnetynka P., Bures T., Plasil F.
Proceedings SEAA'12 conference, 2012

Verifying Temporal Properties of Use-Cases in Natural Language
by Simko V., Hauzar D., Bures T., Hnetynka P., Plasil F.
Postproceedings of FACS'11 conference, 2011

From textual use-cases to component-based applications
by Simko V., Hnetynka P., Bures T.
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing, 2010

Long-term digital preservation of a new media performance: "Can we re-perform it in 100 years?"
by Simko V., Masa M., Giaretta D.
IFLA PAC International Preservation News, No 47 – May 2009

OASIS Archive - Open Archiving System with Internet Sharing
by Enge J., Głowacz A., Grega M., Leszczuk M., Papir Z., Romaniak P., Simko V.
Future Multimedia Networking, LNCS, 2009

Accessing Libraries of Media Art through Metadata
by Ludtke A., Gottfried B., Herzog O., Ioannidis G., Leszczukz M., Simko V.
Database and Expert Systems Application, 2009


Associate Lecturer

School & Programme

School of IT & Computing


PhD, Charles University
MSc, Charles University