Published: 17 Sep 2014

First meeting of the Advisory Board

The Independent Advisory Board of Prague College held its inaugural meeting on Tuesday 16 September

It was our great privilege to welcome to Prague College members of the newly-convened Independent Advisory Board, a small group of independent, international and highly experienced educational and industry professionals who have agreed to lend their time and expertise to support Prague College by advising on the academic and institutional strategy that underpins plans for college development.

The day's agenda included a number of areas for open discussion, including ways in which the college hopes to develop further in terms of community engagement, research, extracurricular activities and accommodating the needs of its wide and varied mix of students.

Representing the new board were Ron Barnett, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education at the Institute of Education in London; Rachel Forsyth, Principal Lecturer in Curriculum Development and Innovation at Manchester Metropolitan University; Liz Marr, Director of the Centre for Inclusion and Collaborative Partnerships at the Open University, Minoru Kasuya, former chief executive of International Pacific College in New Zealand; Radomir Spok, the executive director of the Europeum Institute for European Policy; and Helena Sebkova, Director of the Czech Centre for Higher Education Studies.

They were joined by members of the Prague College academic and administrative staff for a day which included, as well as the invaluable discussion meetings, a tour of the campus and the immediate Vinohrady neighbourhood.