Published: 18 Aug 2014

Prague College helped my career with a Professional Diploma

Ivan Malinjak, a student in our School of IT & Computing, is studying for his Advanced Professional Diploma in Networking and Security. We asked him to tell us more about his experiences.

Ivan, how did you hear about Prague College Professional Diplomas?

I was looking at education in IT. On the internet I found Prague College, with its wide range of study options. I already knew that I wanted to focus on networking, and I was very interested in security. The Prague College website offered as an option, the course ¨Professional Diploma in Networking and Security¨ which perfectly suited me. It was a perfect stepping stone for someone who wanted to start a career and already knew in which exact field.

You are a working student. What kind of job do you have and how will the Professional Diploma help you?

I am employed at DNS a.s, where I work as product manager for Dell networking and security devices/solutions as a VAD Distributor. Previously I was a bartender and was very interested in IT, but I couldn’t find a job because I didn’t have any experience - and that's why I started studying at Prague College. Actually my present job is mostly thanks to my course. The position I applied for is presales for networking and security, with a very good knowledge of English.

Which modules have you been pursuing?

Networking security – In this course I learned best practices on how to protect networks, evaluate vulnerabilities, avoid exploitation of them and negotiate negative impacts on the network. Another module was on networking technologies, where we focused on LAN network topologies. For the examination we had to configure switches, interconnect them and deploy some of the basic protocols (routing, ACL, VLAN). It was very good preparation for the Cisco CCNA certification. Finally, in networking topologies, we made projects and a video about the PAN network, DNS system and BYOD solutions. Next semester I will complete the diploma with a module in Digital Forensics.

How easy has it been for you to balance the demands of working life and study?

It is very easy because study at Prague College is very practical. The assignments are simulations of real life issues - as opposed to theoretical books, which are good to know but less applicable in real life. After every module there are evidential pieces of work which can be shown, for example at a job interview.

Why would you recommend the course and the College to other people?

For working people it is hard to take that first step into the world of academic study. It's yet another reduction of their free time. But the option of a courses with specializations exactly suited to their needs is a very big opportunity to begin the process of getting into the IT profession. Studying at Prague College is very flexible and efficient. After completion of any of the courses, students obtain valuable certifications and have the opportunity to continue study and achieve higher levels of education - for example from a professional diploma, through HND and Bachelor's degree right up to Master's level. Another big advantage is studying in the international language of English, and of course obtaining a Great British education!