Published: 27 Mar 2014

Return of the Dinosaurs... and the Warriors

That ancient blood-grudge, the Warriors v Dinosaurs football match, returned this week with the first meeting of the season - a 'friendly' between students and staff at Prague College.

With the Dinosaurs outnumbered three to one, it seemed to any casual observer that the old folks' home was beckoning from the sidelines. But any such fears were unfounded as Sean McAlorum, Programme Leader in the School of Art & Design, put away a screaming first goal for the Dinos.

Sadly the momentary ember of hope was extinguished as the student Warriors first levelled at one-all and then extended the lead to a seemingly unstoppable 5-1. Just then, the Dinosaurs suddenly remembered that they had left their Italian secret weapon, new arrival Domenico Pace, assistant Professor of Economic Policy at the University of L'Aquila, in the locker-room. Within minutes of his arrival on the pitch, the Italian thunderbolt had easily levelled the match, but it was too late: in the end the Warriors prevailed by 22 goals to 18.

Match verdict: No dinosaur wipeout this time.

Special thanks to Isadora Buehler (9) who managed to save two goals before being asked to leave.