Published: 24 Mar 2014

Two-Way Ties

Building on our close academic partnership and cooperation with Teesside University.

We are delighted this week to welcome back Jackie Dawes of Teesside University School of Computing.

Jackie comes to Prague College twice a year as part of a regular monitoring and quality control arrangement. During her three-day visits she meets those faculty members who deliver the BSc and MSc modules, as well as receiving important feedback on content, resources and overall experience from students on the programmes.

Jackie enjoys her periodic visits. "Prague College is always a very good centre to work with," she says, "especially because its academic staff are all highly professional and understand the nature of rigour."

This is just one example of the continuing highly successful relationship between Prague College and its main academic partner. The exchange and flow of academic information is always a two-way one - on 25 March our lecturer Jorge Carrillo will engage in a remote guest lecture with Teesside about web privacy and security trends. The talk will be delivered as part of the BSc module 'Online Business Systems' - which explores methods and tools for developing online systems based on the Web.