Published: 17 Mar 2014

A story worth telling...

Prague College was founded just ten years ago, but in that time has established itself as an important centre of research and learning in the Czech Republic

When the College first opened its doors in 2004, its founders probably had little idea of quite how successful it would become. Just ten short years later, nearly 600 students from over 90 countries are studying at its Vinohrady campus, and hundreds of graduates have found openings into the world of employment or further study. But how did all this come about?

Taking a look around our new website, it's possible to see some of the reasons: high-quality lecturing from experienced full-time and associate teachers; a wide range of relevant and practical full-time and part-time programmes; strong links with the British education system, with accreditation from Teesside University and Pearson (Edexcel). And a vibrant body of students, driven by independence, ambition, and creativity.

And that's not all. The strength of any institution lies in what it does above and beyond the basic requirements. Prague College excels as a centre of research - with multiple conferences and projects under its belt, a number of significant publications, and a raft of brilliant and well-known speakers. That's a pattern that will repeat itself this year, with a major conference on Finance and Ethics in June, the induction of an International Advisory Board in September, all underpinned by a much enhanced Industry Network and Alumni Association.