Published: 14 Mar 2014

Welcome to United World College applicants

As part of our ongoing support for UWC, we welcome scholarship candidates to Prague College on two weekends this spring.

United World Colleges is an education movement comprising 14 international secondary schools which offer places to students selected from around the globe based on their academic merit and potential. The first UWC school was founded in 1962 in Wales and there are now schools in Canada, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Swaziland, United States, Germany, Armenia, Costa Rica, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Netherlands.

UWC runs national committees in more than 140 countries. Prague College is particularly proud to be a partner of the Czech National Committee and to offer its facilities and support for the scholarship selection process, which this year takes place in February and March.

We wish all potential UWC students success during the selection process at Prague College, and hope that their glimpse of university life at Prague College acts as an encouragement and inspiration to them.