Published: 12 Mar 2014

Swinging into our next ten years

Prague College's tenth anniversary got off to a fantastic start on the evening of 11 March with a special live music event. See more photos here

Jazz combo Super Trio WUH - featuring Skip Wilkins (keyboards), Frantisek Uhlir (bass) and Jaromir Helesic (drums) - entertained an enthusiastic audience of students, faculty and guests with an electrifying two-hour programme of classic and contemporary jazz ranging from American standards by the likes of Cole Porter and Irving Berlin to contemporary compositions.

All three musicians are well-known on the Czech jazz circuit, and have performed regularly at top jazz clubs Reduta and Agharta as well as at Prague Castle and other venues, and it was a real privilege to be able to introduce them at Prague College. Skip Wilkins, a world-class jazz pianist and professor of jazz at Lafayette University (USA) - who in 2011 took a one-year sabbatical in the Czech Republic and is already fluent in the language -  introduced each of the flawlessly-performed numbers, including a rumbustious account of Bob Dorough's 'Devil May Care', and Uhlir's own great Latino number 'Bossa Cosa'.

All in all, a fantastic start to the year. The trio will now be touring Austria and Germany, but we will surely welcome them back to Prague College at the earliest opportunity!