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Dressed for the Party

by Douglas Hajek, on 10 March 2014 15:03:17 CET

Introducing our 10th Anniversary year with a new website.

Welcome to the new website at Prague College. There are still some cool functions to get working and a lot of historical content to add, but we also think that it is time for you to get a look.

In addition to a complete overhaul of how we look, and a much greater focus on the activities and people who make up college life, we have also updated all programme and general information.

Many thanks to:

  • Tihana Valent, our alumnus who did the research and developed the concept
  • Dima Strapchev, also our alumnus who did the graphic identity and design
  • Hana Bohackova, Alex Went and Michal Kroca, who make up our communications team and delivered the project to its current form

We expect to continue working through March to build all the functions and final design of the complete new site; however, we will be replacing the old site much sooner. Really soon!

Let us know what you think and feel free to pass on the link!