Published: 09 Mar 2014

Gwendolyn Albert on: The Roma and Human Rights in the Czech Republic

The Roma minority has been the target of racist violence throughout Central Europe for centuries. This lecture will detail the Roma situation since the events of 1989 and their future in the Czech Republic and the EU.

Gwendolyn Albert, a native Californian, first came to Prague as a Fulbright scholar in 1989, participating in the Velvet Revolution as a translator for Civic Forum. Since returning to the Czech Republic in 1994 she has been an activist on Roma issues, starting with the cause of the Lety concentration camp in 1995. She co-founded the Kosovo Roma Refugee Foundation in 2002  and in 2004 was elected the first-ever Director of the League of Human Rights, a Czech civic association which addresses violent human rights violations in the Czech Republic through free legal aid to victims.