Published: 06 Mar 2014

New programme: BA (Hons) Applied Accounting & Business Finance

Prague College is opening a new programme, BA (Hons) Applied Accounting & Business Finance. Read what Stefano Cavagnetto, the Head of Schools of Business and Computing at the college, says about the demand to open this programme and about its content:

"In the last decades the importance of financial markets for the modern economy has grown dramatically. Financial innovation brought financial institutions to a new dimension of globalization and internationalization. The increased interconnection between money markets, foreign exchange, bond markets, stockmarkets and derivative markets reduced the financial markets segmentation creating the demand for new professional profiles with more flexible forms of knowledge and skills.

The course is precisely designed to meet this new demand coming from the world of finance. Students will explore more advanced topics within the areas of finance and business; a great emphasis will be put on developing professional critical thinking and the ability to plan and manage their own learning as an individual and as part of a group.

In the third year of their studies students will be focusing on key subjects such as Strategic Management, Ethics, Governance and Accountability, Advanced Financial Accounting and International Finance and will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge further with the Business Project they must complete.

Throughout the course, modules are taught via lectures, seminars, practical workshops and group work. A highly qualified teaching staff with wide experience in academic research and professional expertise in the world of finance, will be adopting classic teaching methods and a range of web-based technologies and software to deliver the module content, assess, and provide feedback wide ranging interaction with students to enhance their learning experience.  

Graduates from this programme will be well placed to find employment in a wide range of business finance, management jobs in local and international environments. In today’s globalized economy with the need for analysing financial data across different national and transnational jurisdictions graduates will be well placed to forge careers with their grasp and familiarity of international standards and practices in the international finance and accounting sphere."