Published: 05 Mar 2014

Thu Trang Vu

Prague College has provided me with a professional education by combining academic and practical learning.

I am of Vietnamese origin, although I have lived in the Czech Republic for most of my life. I studied at a Czech gymnasium (academic secondary school) before and that was where I realized that a lot of effort had to be sacrificed for little in return. I decided to switch to a British educational institution where a degree is internationally recognized and English language is actively practiced at the same time. I am currently finishing the third year - BA (Hons) International Management at Prague College, and at the same time working for two companies; Sales support for Deutsche Lufthansa Airline and as an assistant in a private health clinic. Before coming to Prague College, I studied briefly at the First International School of Ostrava and the English College (secondary school) in Prague.

I have always been very careful in choosing high-quality education, and after studying there for three years I can say that as an international university in Prague, Prague College was able to meet most of my expectations and demands. Prague College has allowed me to gain knowledge about international business through dynamic lessons with students from all over the world and highly qualified lecturers. The school provides academic lecturers with a wealth of practical experience who bring real life experience to students. I like that there are only lecturers who are native English speakers or are fluent in English.

Moreover, since I believe that knowledge is gained partly at school and partly in real world experience, I have always been successful in achieving this goal. The schedule at Prague College has allowed me to combine studying and working (both part-time and even full-time). With all these above, I can conclude that Prague College has successfully provided me with the professional education by combining academic and practical learning which is a strong base for both my future career and academic development.

[Update: Trang completed her Bachelors degree at Prague College with outstanding results and went on to complete a Masters in Human Resources at Royal Holloway, University of London. Congratulations!]