Published: 04 Mar 2014

The Letter of the Law

Prague College Lecturer proposes new legal English curriculum for EU

Our Law Lecturer, Paul Cooper, has been busy already this semester. On Saturday 28 September 2013, he presented a proposal to develop a Common Core project whereby law schools throughout the EU would teach a common Legal English curriculum to ensure that future EU lawyers speak the same (Legal English) language. This proposal was presented to the EU Legal English Teachers’ Association (EULETA) in Groningen in the Netherlands, at the EULETA annual meeting. At that meeting he was also elected to the Board of EULETA.

In early October Paul also flew to Riga, in Latvia, to teach the Common Law (Anglo-American legal system) part of the Introduction to Law programme for Master of Laws students in the Legal Linguistics Department at the Riga Graduate School of Law. His role was as a visiting lecturer under the EU’s Erasmus programme for the exchange of students and lecturers throughout European universities.