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Sampson Odipe

by Alex Went, on 14 February 2014 12:16:41 CET

Sampson Odipe is a student in the School of IT and Computing, working on database design, networking and e-business

As people say, "the best decisions are the ones you enjoy". Without mincing words, I would like to say the best decision I have ever made since I came to the Czech Republic is choosing to study at Prague College. Initially, I was contemplating if college was the right path for me but later decided to give the whole college thing a try, but now the situation is unbelievable considering how receptive the lecturers and students are, and their readiness to help at any given time.

Within a year of studying IT and Computing at Prague College, I have been able to boost my morale in the areas of database design, networking  and e-business which  are all of paramount importance as far as the nature of my job is concerned. Another plus factor is the environment which is highly conducive to studying, coupled with the multinational background of the school which allows me to meet people from almost all parts of the world.

As far as education is concerned, there is nothing as better than being able to study in such an open and free enviornment which I am sure not all universities can offer, at Prague College this freedom and openness is a culture in itself. Many thanks to the school management.

Topics:School of Media & IT