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Ambassador and former Amnesty media chief give inspiring talks

by Alex Went, on 10 February 2014 14:45:00 CET

A packed house came to hear about the United Nations and the state of the planet, from expert speakers Pablo Macedo Riba and Richard Reoch

One of the key questions facing all of us is whether humanity has the ability to reverse its current, disastrous trajectory. The question is not whether the planet is in peril; it’s how we are going to respond. Fresh questions are being asked in many fields about the underlying causes and attitudes that contribute powerfully, often invisibly, to the current crisis. A shared recognition is emerging that a “cultural shift” is needed to re-set our relations with ourselves, each other and the planet. Our view of human nature could possibly be one of the most instrumental influences determining what happens to this blue planet we share in space.

This was the topic of the second talk of the evening by Richard Reoch, former global media chief of Amnesty International. He was preceded by an equally fascinating introduction to Mexico and its role in the United Nations, given by the ambassador to the Czech republic, Mr Pablo Macedo Riba.

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