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Designing (dot)

by Douglas Hajek, on 07 February 2014 16:14:27 CET

An interview with Dima Strapchev, a co-designer of (dot) and our BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate

What is unique about the student site (dot)? Why do you think students and lecturers will use it?

In general there's nothing new. The website combines the concepts of social networks and web forums. It allows users to post their work, see the work of other students and discuss them. But it is special, because this particular site is specially designed for students and lecturers of Prague College.

Another special thing is it having been designed by students of the same college. I think this makes it unique. From my point of view, it's always interesting to see what other students are doing for the same assignments that you were working on. As well as to hear comments and opinions on your work. Also it's interesting to see the work of students from other programs. For example I was really surprised by the Marketing students' project about the presentation of the Czech "tatarak" dish that was broadcasted on CNN.

Why do you think your design was chosen ahead of all the others in the competition?

I was really happy that my design was chosen. I saw some beautiful and interesting designs from the other students who were participating on this. I think my design was chosen because of its simplicity and practicality, though it wasn't the most beautiful. I saw seen this website as a potential user, which helped me a lot. And also I've spent some time previously searching for and trying various sites to post my work, so I already knew what worked better, and what doesn't. Though, it was quite difficult to understand how business students would use the site, and I think most of that part was thought through by Vit and his team.

Being from three different backgrounds, you, Tihana and Vit must have brought different insights to this project. How would you describe your cooperation?

I wouldn't describe our cooperation as "smooth". Sometimes we had completely different views on some parts of the site. It was really interesting how ideas took shape during the meetings, depending on various aspects – web-usability, visual aesthetics, technical constraints, common sense. Everybody was open to ideas and change. Everybody shared their own experience from various fields. I think that was challenging, but finally when we were agreed on something, everybody seemed satisfied. I think I've learned a lot from this project.

Do you remember what brought you together?

Probably the idea of making something really special. Sincerity, in some sense.

Update: Since graduation Dima has become Art Director at the branding company Hrivanak in Prague. And he designed the new Prague College website, working from a concept developed by another graduate, Tihana Valent.

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