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Prague College was a great choice!

by Hana Bohackova, on 06 December 2013 00:15:25 CET

Mai Anh Dang Thi started off with Foundation Diploma in Business at Prague College; now she will enter the second year of BA (Hons) International Management.

Why did you choose to study at Prague College?

My sister studied at Prague College and she told me there is an opportunity to start studying there even I haven't finished my secondary education. There is the Foundation Diploma programme at Prague College which is designed for people who lack the standard entry requirements to university or those who would like to improve their skills and qualifications for either work or future studies. After one year Foundation Diploma you are eligible to apply for BA programme. So I decided to go for it.

What did you learn at Foundation Diploma?

I needed to improve my English to be able to start studying a degree programme at Prague College, where all subjects are taught in English. The Foundation Diploma helped me a lot with it. I took English grammar classes, learned how to write letters and essays in English and how to present in English. We also studied business subjects to be able to start at the similar level with other applicants for the degree programme in business. After completing Foundation Diploma I applied for BA (Hons) International Management and I have just completed my first year. I always wanted to study business because it is a very wide field and you can apply it everywhere around the world.

What are the main advantages of studying at Prague College?

For me it's the possibility to study in English. Lecturers are very friendly and open here. The way they teach is very favourable for students. You do assignments and projects. The lecturers give us lots of opportunities to present our thoughts and ideas so you don't have to only sit in the class and listen and write what the lecturer says. There are small classes so the lecturers have enough time for everyone. The programme is very flexible, I have two classes per week at the campus and two classes per week on-line. So I am able to also have a job while studying and plan things around each others. Prague College was a great choice!
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