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The Foundation Diploma helped me decide my future

by Hana Bohackova, on 05 December 2013 23:55:48 CET

Elina Osipova moved from Ufa in Baskortostan to the Czech Republic to study art, and is about to embark on the second year of her BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media at Prague College.

Why did you choose Prague College?

I originally started studying different things, philology and many languages. I was part of the art community. We were doing amateur theater, performances and things like that. Art was my hobby but then I realized I want to do it as my profession. I wanted to study in English and looked up options in Prague. I pretty much chose Prague College right away as I liked the programme they offer - BA (Hons) Fine Arts (Experimental Media). 
I first did Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Prague College which is a preparatory year to the degree program. I wanted to get to know the college better and decide for myself if I want to take the full education. Foundation Diploma was a big experimentation time in both Graphic Design and Interactive Media. I could practise my own style without pressure from above. I learned to work with several graphic programs, I learned basics of art critics and referencing. We experimented with different media, learned to write artistic statements and to lead a project up to presenting it to public. My favourite subject was Media Experimentation because it helped me with developing technical skills as well as with ideas generation.
Foundation Diploma prepared me a lot for further studying at Prague College. It helped me to pass better my first assignments. I went through the basic programmes which I continue studying now. And it was a useful experience to get open-minded about my own preferences in art. After Foundation Diploma I was fully decided to apply for BA (Hons) Fine Art (Interactive Media) at Prague College. Now I completed my first degree year.


How would you describe the way of teaching at Prague College? 

I was studying a lot at different schools but I was very fascinated about the way of teaching at Prague College. I feel very comfortable with the teachers, because they’re always helpful and they always motivate you to do something else. For example if you come up with an idea for a project, they always try to help you think about it from different points of view. Eg. how could you make it wider, better, more interesting. They teach you that if you come out of your comfort zone your work is more interesting as an art piece. Lecturers take time to teach you to develop as much as you can. To have much more diverse interest, not to be focused just on one area. They teach you to be a multimedia artist and to explore. I love Prague College.


What are you working on now?

This June I took Summer Intensive classes at Prague College, particularly Web Design Development. It was exciting!  Based on this I started something like a video blog . I am doing short videos, shooting things I see around, random things that happen every day. And I am working on making the blog more interactive. 


PC organizes many events for students. Do you attend any of those?

Yes, I do a lot! We get invites to guest lectures of professionals from different fields from all over the world. They are hosted at Prague College so you don't even have to leave the college to meet with someone exciting or famous. It's really interesting to communicate with all those people. I mostly go to art events but I like Master Speaker Series with speaker from business too, even though its not connected to art. I visited some guest lectures about  IT as well. It’s very interesting to dive into the different fields and to see how people present what they do.


What are the main advantages of studying at PC?

Its diversity of programmes, you can choose from a lot and adjust it to your needs later. You work on your thing intensively and in a couple of years it becomes really rich. The teaching is really different and it motivates you to study on your own, to explore. If you attend a classical university, it’s pretty much only the delivery of information. Here they really push you to find your own way, to keep exploring all the time. It’s a huge plus. The quality of education is high. I recommend BA (Hons) Fine Art (Experimental Media) to everyone who has a passion inside. Knowing the graphic programs is not such a big deal, you can learn it as you go or in preparatory classes but you need to have a relationship to art, be challenged to understand art and be challenged to find your own style.
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