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Waleed Naser

by Hana Bohackova, on 04 December 2013 23:25:14 CET

I have not reached my ultimate goal yet, but I have been set on the right track thanks to Prague College and its teachers.

“At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.” - Salvador Dali

Four years ago I had my mind set on higher education and I was in a crisis of what to pursue as a career path: art which was my passion and hobby, or business, which I used to enjoy studying and always had in my mind that I would pursue as a career.  I started researching graphic design, and what were the options. This is when I came across the Prague College web site. Moving away from Bahrain was a big step however it was my next step as i applied and got accepted and started attending the courses.

The more I went through the course the more I enjoyed it and started growing a passion towards design. I always knew how to do designs but I never understood the fundamentals the rules and the history behind it all. I started covering more aspects of design such as typography, Corporate identity, and it all began to make more sense to me. Thanks to the great teachers and mentors I had in Prague College today I have reached to understand design and enjoy it more.

After 2 years of studying for mu Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design, my fellow students and I are finally going to have our final diploma show:  7˚of Separation, to be held in La Scene on April 11 till the 14. The show will consist of the best works we did though out our 2 years of the HND course in Prague College.

I have not reached my ultimate goal yet, but I have been set on the right track with the thanks to Prague College and its teachers, and last not least my great mentor in design which I owe on being in the track I’m on today, Simon Gray.

“To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, a Principle. You will become what your vision is.” - Peter Nivio Zarlenga


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