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Daniel Quisek

by Hana Bohackova, on 05 December 2013 00:54:52 CET

Daniel Quisek is a 19-year-old first-year student of BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Prague College.

Daniel graduated from Hotel and Tourism at Hotelová škola Vincenze Priessnitze in Jeseník. Since September 2012 he has been studying Graphic Design at Prague College.

The hotel industry and graphic design are two very different fields. When did you decide to choose your path in graphic design?

When I was in the third year of my high school and the school-leaving exam was approaching, I started to put more thought into which direction I wanted to choose in my future studies. I liked graphic design already at elementary school and at high school I started doing graphic design for companies. In my third year at high school I was on school exchange in Scotland. That inspired me to study Graphic Design in Great Britain. However, studying in Great Britain is expensive. So I searched for other options and found the opportunity to study at a British university in Prague where tuition was half the price and living costs are way lower. That’s how I picked Prague College.

Did you also consider other schools when making a decision where to study?

My backup was Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design) and one more similar school in Ústí nad Labem. But Prague College was always my priority, and I also aimed my preparation particularly at Prague College requirements. I chose Prague College because you study in English here and they offered the department in which I wanted to study. I also went through references from other students. The biggest advantage for me is the international degree I will obtain. The degree is accredited by Teesside University. With such a degree I will have a better chance to apply my skills and knowledge in further studies or a job abroad.

Can you describe the admissions process for graphic design at Prague College?

I first made an appointment with my admissions advisor (Prague College accepts applications all year long). As I had no language certificate I sat an English placement exam right here at Prague College. I also had to present my portfolio and have an interview with the head of the department. As I was doing graphic design at high school most of my portfolio was ready. I had to do one extra thing to complete it.

How was it beginning at Prague College?

I was worried about having to speak English all day. But everyone was nice and patient with me. From the beginning I had to speak English with all the teachers and most of my schoolmates. My schoolmates are from Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Slovakia and also three of them are Czech. The first week was hard but we started to work on projects right away so I got used to it quickly.

Can you describe the method of teaching at Prague College?

For me it is something new and better. It’s not like at Czech university, where you do nothing for the whole semester and after that rush to study for the exams. At Prague College students don’t have to memorize information but work on various projects throughout the whole semester.

What is a Graphic Designer?

It’s a person who changes how something looks. They create commercials, posters, everything printed and digital around us. I am glad I do something others can see - this way I can change things. I can make the world nicer, with my work I can make the day better and influence people. I recommend this specialization to anyone who likes creativity, likes to make nice things, who likes to think. At Prague College they teach us to think. They suppose everyone is creative. They teach us to use creativity, think about it and work with ideas.

Do you participate in any activities organized by Prague College?

I am a member of the Film Club for students. We receive cultural events information regularly so almost every day I can pick something. I also participated in a couple of guest lectures and workshops. Recently I participated in a graffiti workshop with Errol Donald or in a presentation by Jan Sladek about new ways to design mobile devices.

Have you got any job offers since you started at Prague College?

In my first semester I didn’t look for anything but in the second one I decided to take advantage of the job offers Prague College sends us regularly. I sent out my resume and got a job as a graphic designer in a studio.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I would like to go abroad. With a British degree I will have more opportunities to use my skills and knowledge. I will also be used to different way of studying, working and thinking than is usual in the Czech Republic. By that time I will have excellent language skills. I would like to apply all that to working as a graphic designer in Canada or in New Zealand.
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