Published: 22 Feb 2013

Master Speakers at Prague College

With a talk “The Changing Face of Marketing 2010 & Beyond”, we are launching The Master Speaker Series at Prague College.

The Master Speaker Series will provide additional interaction and exposure for students of the School of Business by integrating high level business leaders from around the world into their academic and professional dialog. The series will focuse on adding a practical value to the students of our MSc International Management and MSc Computing programmes so that they can be inspired and educated from top professionals throughout various industries, both in profit and non-profit sectors as well as in cultural and political spheres of influence. 

The first Master Speaker Guest Panel:

Ian Forrest - Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, GE Money Bank
Petr Topinka – CEO, MARK BBDO
David Neverceral – Partner & Global Sales Manager, CandyTech/Facebackers


Through their vast experience, the panel, highlighted the patterns and trends that are developing for marketing teams and agencies in the Czech Republic and the region in a time when marketing budgets are being reduced dramatically. They addressed how their companies and others have worked through this period and how budgets have been re-focused and the new importance of social media and internet marketing in 2010 and beyond. Panellists also touched on strategies and milestones that have ended in success or in failure.