Published: 22 Feb 2013

2nd Prague UCXXI Workshop

After the 1st Prague Workshop in December 2009, Prague College and Libat would like to announce the start of the 2nd Prague Workshop. The workshop is related to Phase 3 of the “Underground city XXI” project, supported by the European Commission.

The main topics of the second workshop/laboratory are :

Construction of 3D models and their integration into 3D multiuser environments Collaborative experimentation into 3D interactive multiuser environment 2D/3D multimedia creation for mixed 3D multiuser environments shared on the Internet.

This second Prague workshop will be directed by Pascal and Marie Silondi and will offer an experimental and collaborative week, multiplying audiovisual, interactive and conceptual experiences within 3D multiuser environments.

The workshop will also include an accompanying program open to the public:

April 7 - 18.30h - Ethics and Cyberspace by Stefano Cavagnetto and Bruce Gahir
April 9 - 14h - The code of Coal by Stefano Cavagnetto and Natalia Ogneva
April 10 - 10 - 18h - Public exhibition - Come to see what was created during the week of experimentation