Published: 21 Feb 2013

We invite you to ANEMIC Festival!

Prague College has become a partner of the first ANEMIC Festival in Prague. The festival will introduce a fresh multi-disciplinary program consisting of video art, short films, animations and documentary films.

In addition there will be video and interactive installations, audio-visual performances, workshops, lectures, public discussions and specific events.

The screenings in Bio Ponrepo will be followed by NO STANDARTS, a series of public performances and installations.

On November 9th the exhibition of audiovisual and interactive installation "Immerse Me!" will open in AVU Gallery, featuring Underground City XXI project.

ANEMIC Festival is an initiative of the non-profit organization “M77 - Arts, Digital Creation & Training” founded by Kristof Slussareff, a principal lecturer at Prague College.

Our students Peter Marencik and Beat Wicky are among the volunteers preparing the festival. Prague College students and employees are also part of the programme itself; Yevgeniya Drovossekova will introduce her live audiovisual performance at the festival opening on November 4th in Bio Ponrepo. Principal lecturer Jorge Boehringer will introduce his current works at the festival as well.

There will also be a screening of two documentaries produced by Masa Hilcisin and Cazim Dervisevic. "Queer Sarajevo Festival" (2009) is dealing with violence against the gay population in Sarajevo. The second documentary, "Not If You Can But You Must" (2006), is a story about the life of people from the village of Lukomir, the most isolated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.